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Embracing Unity in Education: Finding Support Among Fellow Educators

Teaching is a rewarding yet challenging profession, often filled with moments of joy, inspiration, and, yes, frustration. The journey of an educator is marked by the dedication to shaping young minds, navigating curriculum changes, and overcoming various hurdles. In the midst of these challenges, it’s essential for educators to remember one crucial truth: You’re not […]

The Most Important Question to ask at a Teacher Recruitment Event

The Most Important Question to ask at a Teacher Recruitment Event

I had the pleasure to participate in our district’s recent Teacher Recruitment Fair. As a school administrator, I was there to answer any questions of the soon-to-be-teachers who came to get more information about our district. I met a lot of great future teachers. They were so enthusiastic and energetic. It was infectious. I spent […]

Classroom Management Success Keys –  Key #2 – Defend Against Boredom

This is the second installment in the series that I call Keys to Successful Classroom Management. In the last installment, I shared the first Key: Build Positive Relationships. In this post, I share the second key: Defend Against Boredom. Boredom is one of the greatest enemies to successful classroom management. The more engaged a student […]

The Greatest Classroom Management Lesson

Classroom management is the single most searched for topic on It’s a pretty important topic, especially for new and soon-to-be teachers. As an Assistant Principal, part of my job is dealing with students who have been disrespectful or defiant in a classroom. Coming to see Mr. Rangel is not a good thing most of […]