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Visible Learning – John Hattie’s Research on Student Achievement

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Visible Learning Conference in Las Vegas. Although I had heard about Professor John Hattie and his research, I really wasn’t that familiar with his work. After spending a couple of days hearing from Professor Hattie and his team, however, I am more excited than ever about […]

Teachers, Which Balloon Are You? – Guest Post by Michelle Gano

I am excited to share this guest post by Michelle Gano. In this post, Michelle offers some great advice to help teachers to overcome those feelings of stress and burnout and find more joy in teaching. Check it out! THE COUNTDOWN Teachers are feeling the effects of burnout and counting down the days each week, […]

How To Cope When Students Are Defiant – Guest Post by Julia G. Thompson

I am so happy to share this guest post by my friend, Julia G. Thompson. In this post, she shares some valuable information on how to have success in the classroom, especially when you have challenging students.  HOW TO COPE WHEN STUDENTS ARE DEFIANT –  by Julia G. Thompson The discipline problem many teachers dread […]

The Awesome Power of Co-Authoring the Stories of Your Students

For most educators, we all begin our day with our story pretty much written. Basically, it goes something like this:   Today, I’m going to work, then I’ll teach a great lesson. The kids will listen and learn. I’ll finish my day pleased that it was a good day, then I’ll go home.   I know there are a […]

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