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How to Nail the Teacher Interview Course

Hello amazing teachers,

I represented my district at a recent teacher job fair event, and I was blown away at the number of people who showed up.

Over 500 prospective teachers came to meet the few school administrators who were in attendance. I must have shaken more hands on that day than I ever had. I was encouraged, but at the same time, I was a little disappointed.

There were so many candidates for the few teacher jobs that were available.

One prospective teacher candidate asked me a great question:

How can I stand out among all the other candidates who are applying for the same position I am?

His question inspired me to create my new Udemy course:

How to Nail the Teacher Interview

Having a good resume and a collection of recommendations letters is important, but the decisions for employment are made in the interview room. 

Having been on many teacher interview panels, I see how candidates, who would probably be amazing teachers, walk out of the room without any chance of being called back due to an inability to tell the panel what they are wanting to hear.

What do school administrators want to hear from teacher candidates in an interview?

Wouldn’t it be advantageous to know that?

That is where my course comes in. I share the most important qualities and characteristics that school administrators like me are looking for in a new teacher.

If you, or someone you know,  is looking for a position as a teacher, please check out my new course. I pull back the curtain on what the interview panel is desiring to hear from the candidates in the hot seat.

I must say, after being out of the classroom for a few years now, I was energized by the opportunity to “teach” again. What is even better is that not only am I designing lessons again, I also get to help people get that teaching job that will not only change their lives for ever, but also have an impact on the lives of many, many students. How cool is that?

Please share this with a soon-to-be teacher that you know!

Here’s the link to the course.

See you in class!


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