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101 Practical Tips and Strategies for New Teachers

Here is a compilation of tips and strategies that I’ve collected over the years, mainly through  trial and error. It’s free. Just sign up for the SITC newsletter, and I’ll send you a link where you can download the ebook. Click here to sign up.

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The Less-Stressful Evaluation

Get a heads up on that day when you will be evaluated by your administrator. I go through the California State Standards for Teachers and give you some ideas on how you can meet these standards. The e-book is free. Click Here!


Being Amazing

Being Amazing is for every new teacher or soon-to-be teacher who wants a head start reaching that “amazing teacher” status. Sam Rangel from shares some practical tips and strategies that he has learned over his 25 years in education.

“…being amazing doesn’t just happen. Once you get in front of a class-full of students, especially once you realize that every student is not that perfect kid that you’ve planned for all during your time at teacher school, being amazing takes a back seat to just surviving.”

Each section, Focusing on the Student, Being Your Best, and Classroom Management will give you specific actions that you can take to make your classroom the place where students want to be and administrators want to show off.

“We need more amazing teachers.

Your students need you to be amazing.”

This e-book will help you be “amazing.”

Download it from Amazon Kindle. Click Here.



The Amazing Teacher Pledge

The Amazing Teacher Pledge is a set of 10 promises that I believe amazing teachers make and keep every day. These promises are not that easy to keep. I believe only truly amazing teachers can commit to making and keeping all these promises. I have known many amazing teachers in my career in education. Some were my colleagues in the schools where I used to teach. Others were guests on The Amazing Teacher Podcast that I hosted. I have learned so much from them, and they were the inspiration for this ebook. This ebook is for anyone who wants to be an amazing teacher. It’s for the teacher who is looking to better impact the lives of the students in his/her classroom. It’s for the teacher who is struggling with classroom management and is feeling a little disillusioned with the profession. It’s for the teacher who wants to move from great to amazing. Download it from Amazon Kindle. Click Here.


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Teach Happier!

Teach Happier!

21 Strategies to bring more joy into your life and classroom

The Amazing Teacher Pledge

The Amazing Teacher Pledge

10 Promises that Amazing Teachers Make and Keep Every Day. Click to get your copy.

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How to Nail the Teacher Interview