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CFIS Philanthropic Society – The Journey – Part 8 – The Raffle

Setting up a fundraising event

We decided to have a raffle to get more people to donate. For each $10 donated, people will get a raffle ticket and a chance to win some great prizes.

There was only one question: What are the prizes going to be?

I was hoping to just get some gift cards donated by my students or my Facebook friends, but when I told my partner (the mother of the student who came up with this idea), she took off with it.

She got on the phone in the morning and started calling some local businesses to see if they would donate products or services as raffle prizes.

That night she called me to tell me her progress.

I was stunned.

Businesses in the area donated car detailing, flower bouquets, lunches, dinners, haircuts, manicures, pizza, bowling passes, oil changes, and the list goes on.


It was so encouraging to hear how people were willing to give to help others especially in this down economy. She told me that almost all of the businesses she called didn’t hesitate to help out.


What we’re going to do is set up decorated boxes with the different prizes displayed on the front, so people can place their raffle ticket into the prize box of their choosing. If they have 10 tickets, they can choose to put them all in the box for one prize or they can split them among the other prizes.

I still want to have a gift card basket as one of the prizes, so I’m going to ask my students and my Facebook friends to donate one of the gift cards they received for Christmas.

I’ve already had some of my friends promise to send me some gift cards, so we’re on our way.

Again, it’s so refreshing to see how people are so willing to help.

A special thanks to Tracy. It’s no wonder why her child was so eager to make this project a reality.

I’m still looking for prizes, so if there is anything you can help with, please contact me.



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