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Cool Website for Teachers Who Need Stuff

Hello again,

Still testing. Getting a lot of stuff done, but not too much teaching. One of my teacher friends told me about a website for teachers who are looking to get stuff donated. It’s called Donors Choose. This website allows teachers to post their project online, and then people can donate money to fund the project. It’s really cool, and I’m already signed up. My team and I will be sitting down and discussing our needs for this next year. With all the cuts in our budgets, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to get the supplies we need to teach. There are people out there who understand the needs of teachers, and will open up their pocket books to help. Donors Choose is a good way to help them do this. Here’s the link:

I figure once we have a project for the team, I’ll promote it among our parents, and give them the opportunity to help out. Stay posted. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Today’s Tip for New Teachers: Avoid getting into a “Burn” contest with your students. A “burn” contest is a conversation where with the use of sarcasm, you “burn” each other with funny insults. You have to remember that they are kids, and although they may be good at dishing it out, they may not be able to take it,and eventually, because they don’t want to lose this contest in front of their peers, they’ll resort to using insults that may cross the line. I like having fun with my students. They are funny and we get along well, but I always have to keep that line between teacher and student visible. If you do get into one of these sarcasm contests, let them win early. My response is, “Good one.” Then I walk away.



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