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Create A Game Board Activity

Well today I tried a new activity to help my students prep for the test tomorrow. What I did was divide the students into groups of 3 and 4 and told them to create a game board using the notes that they had to study for tomorrow’s test. I posted the directions here.

The kid had a good time with it. Getting them started is always the toughest part of any group activity. Once they knew what to do, they were fine.

Here’s my advice for the day: Always assume that there are some students who are not listening when you give your oral instructions. Always have the directions written somewhere – either on the white board or on a handout. If not, you’re going to get frustrated having to repeat the instructions over and over again. In this lesson, I had the requirements for the game written on the board. When a student was confused, I just referred him/her to the board.

See you all later.


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