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Look What I Found in the Archives of Other Teachers!

I went searching through the archives of some of my favorite blogging teachers. I found some great posts for new teachers and veteran teachers alike. Check them out!

Helping kids with learning disabilities change negative habits of mind

Elona Hartjes @elonahartjes

What do you tell kids who feel retarded because they have to live with the label of LD? I’ve told them everything I can think of. I’ve told them that they are not retarded. I’ve told them they have average or above average intelligence. I’ve told them they have interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, musical intelligences, etc that they could be proud of. But of course their daily experience in the classrooms doesn’t support pride. Now, I’m going to stop telling them things, and I’m going to have them start doing things that I believe will help them become more proud of who they are. Read more here.

Preparing for the Teacher Evaluation

Pat Hensley @loonyhiker

This year, I was asked to be one of the evaluators of new teachers in the district. I like this because I get to use my experience to help others and also to make sure that we have quality (not just qualified) teachers in my field. After doing this I realized that maybe someone should tell new teachers how to prepare for an evaluation. There is a general meeting to discuss what is expected but I think more specifics need to be given. This evaluation is important because it determines whether this new teacher gets a contract to return so it is in their best interest to look their best. Here are some things that I would suggest: Read more here.

50 Awesome Classroom Management Tips You Can Use Tomorrow

Joel @sywtt

As we come to the conclusion of Reader Appreciation Month, I want to summarize some of the things that we have learned. Today, I’ll focus on the incredible wealth of knowledge that we have learned about classroom management. Read more here.

If You Have One Hour with a New Teacher…

Pernille Ripp @4thGrdTeach

Today I had the pleasure of meeting with a great friend from college who just landed her dream job in a 5th grade classroom.  Previously she has taught as an ELL teacher but had the opportunity to switch jobs and switch schools.  Prior to our meeting, I asked my PLN what I should share with her and had some fantastic responses.  So here is what I thought was important.
Read more here.

Many thanks to all these great teachers. I’ve learned so much from you.



  1. Pat's Gravatar Pat
    February 13, 2011    

    Thanks for including my post! I hope there are teachers out there that find this useful!

    • Sam's Gravatar Sam
      February 13, 2011    

      Your posts are always useful, Pat. Thank you for sharing it. Sam

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