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More Great Advice For New Teachers

Hello all,

I added some more good advice for new teachers. I found these on a forum that I joined. Check it out here:

Still on my vacation, but I’ll be back in the classroom next week. That month just flew by. Once I’m back in school, I’ll be updating the blog more regularly.

Today’s advice: Celebrate your students’ birthday. It’s a small thing, but it’s something my kids look forward to. In my class, I start each day with a sponge activity called, “Today in American History.” I have important events that happened in our history on that particular day projected on my Power point, and the students have to copy it down. I go over the events and their importance. I always check my birthday list in the morning, and if there is a student who has a birthday on that day, I add it to the important historical events. I always come up with a story about how I’ll always remember that day. The earth shook. The birds sang extra loud, etc. Then I tell them how since that day the world has never been the same. (I clarify that it has been better.) Kids appreciate it. Stay tuned for my next post.

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