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New Book: How to Have Amazing Classroom Management without Building Relationships

It’s a book of BLANK pages!








Yes! The pages are BLANK!

Ask any amazing teacher. You can’t have amazing classroom management without making time to build positive relationships with your students.

This is actually a real book.

As I speak to new and soon-to-be teachers, one of the main questions I get is, “What are some of your classroom management tips?”

I always answer with, “Focus on building positive relationships with your students.”

We are all in the bridge building business. Every time we interact with students, we are either strengthening or weakening a bridge. It’s that simple. The stronger bridge we build, the heavier load it can carry. If there is no bridge, then there is no way a student will feel the need to follow your instructions.

This is a perfect gift for that new or soon-to-be teacher to remind them of what really is important. All the classroom strategies in the world will not be effective if the positive relationships are missing.

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