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Getting Started – A Collection of Tips and Strategies for New Teachers

I wanted to create a page where visitors could go to easily find some post that will help them in those first years of teaching. I’ll be adding to this list, so please like SITC on Facebook or sign up for the SITC Newsletter to get notified when I do. – Sam

1.  Communicating with Parents

2. What Principals look for in a New Teacher

3. Dealing with Minor Disruptions

4. How My Student Teacher got Hired

5. Get  Your Class Quiet Without Raising Your Voice

6. Make Your Classroom a Place Where Students Want to Go

7. How to Tell Stories

8. When Warnings Don’t Work. Dealing with that Defiant Student

9. When You have a Sub

10. Top Ten Classroom Management Tips

11. How to Manage that Big Project

12. Ten Tips to Keep your Teaching Job

13. How to Get on Your Principal’s Good List

14. How to Keep Students from Pushing Your Buttons

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