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New Website from SITC – TipsForNewTeachers – Looking for help


Hello again,

I decided to go ahead and compile a bunch of practical teacher tips that I’ve picked up over the years and post them on a new website. I called it,

It’s been an idea I’ve had for while, but I actually took the plunge and did it. I hope to add to it a little at a time, and eventually have an easy to search site where new teachers can come and get some practical advice from veteran teachers like me on how to have a successful year.

Most of the advice is applicable to middle school teachers, but I’m trying to make the tips as general as I can, so teachers of all grade levels can benefit.

Do you have a tip that new teachers would find beneficial? Please feel free to submit it to me. I’ll include your name and website url when you do.

Take a look.

Let me know what you think.





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