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The Most Important Question to ask at a Teacher Recruitment Event

The Most Important Question to ask at a Teacher Recruitment Event

I had the pleasure to participate in our district’s recent Teacher Recruitment Fair. As a school administrator, I was there to answer any questions of the soon-to-be-teachers who came to get more information about our district. I met a lot of great future teachers. They were so enthusiastic and energetic. It was infectious. I spent […]

Classroom Management Success Keys –  Key #2 – Defend Against Boredom

This is the second installment in the series that I call Keys to Successful Classroom Management. In the last installment, I shared the first Key: Build Positive Relationships. In this post, I share the second key: Defend Against Boredom. Boredom is one of the greatest enemies to successful classroom management. The more engaged a student […]

How Discovery’s Gold Rush Teaches us a Lesson on Reaching our Reluctant Learners

One of my favorite shows is Discovery’s Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a show that follows the adventures of different camps of gold miners. I have been following the show since its first season, and I find it fascinating how these miners dig for gold in the Klondike of Alaska. I wish they would watch […]

Keys to Classroom Management Success – Key #1 – Build Relationships

Over the next few posts, I would like to share some important keys to classroom management success. Any experienced teacher will tell you that creating a classroom environment where students are able to learn is an essential. Successful teachers make classroom management one of the foundational elements of their lessons. Successful classroom management, however, does […]