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How To Cope When Students Are Defiant – Guest Post by Julia G. Thompson

I am so happy to share this guest post by my friend, Julia G. Thompson. In this post, she shares some valuable information on how to have success in the classroom, especially when you have challenging students.  HOW TO COPE WHEN STUDENTS ARE DEFIANT –  by Julia G. Thompson The discipline problem many teachers dread […]

The Awesome Power of Co-Authoring the Stories of Your Students

For most educators, we all begin our day with our story pretty much written. Basically, it goes something like this:   Today, I’m going to work, then I’ll teach a great lesson. The kids will listen and learn. I’ll finish my day pleased that it was a good day, then I’ll go home.   I know there are a […]

How to Nail the Teacher Interview – The Course

How to Nail the Teacher Interview – The Course

Hello amazing teachers, I represented my district at a recent teacher job fair event, and I was blown away at the number of people who showed up. Over 500 prospective teachers came to meet the few school administrators who were in attendance. I must have shaken more hands on that day than I ever had. […]

Three Go Home Happy Strategies for When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Bad days happen. I wish I could promise you that you won’t have a bad day, but I can’t. There will be those days when the final bell rings, and you’re relieved to see the students leave your class. There will be days when Johnny will be Johnny and cause you to lose your temper […]