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The Greatest Classroom Management Lesson

Classroom management is the single most searched for topic on It’s a pretty important topic, especially for new and soon-to-be teachers. As an Assistant Principal, part of my job is dealing with students who have been disrespectful or defiant in a classroom. Coming to see Mr. Rangel is not a good thing most of […]

Change Your Goal – How to Keep From Getting Frustrated

I was speaking with a teacher last week about her students. This was a teacher who was feeling a little defeated, because this year, many of her students are struggling and making poor decisions. Every year, we all have one or two students who, for one reason or another, are just extra work for the […]

How to Have Amazing Success with THAT Student

Every teacher has THAT student. You know who I’m talking about. It’s the one student who knows how to push your buttons. He has a way of taking you off your game, and when he’s absent, life is good. The only thing is that he’s never absent. You feel frustrated, because no matter what you […]

10 Ways to Find Success Without Lowering Your Bar in the Classroom

10 Ways to Find Success Without Lowering Your Bar in the Classroom

There was a time, in the good old days, when I would teach high level concepts, and the majority of my students would get it. Their parents were super supportive, and for the most part, the students were self-motivated. They cared about their education, and life for me as a teacher was good. I had […]