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Visible Learning – John Hattie’s Research on Student Achievement

This week I had the opportunity to attend the Visible Learning Conference in Las Vegas. Although I had heard about Professor John Hattie and his research, I really wasn’t that familiar with his work. After spending a couple of days hearing from Professor Hattie and his team, however, I am more excited than ever about […]

How to Nail the Teacher Interview – The Course

How to Nail the Teacher Interview – The Course

Hello amazing teachers, I represented my district at a recent teacher job fair event, and I was blown away at the number of people who showed up. Over 500 prospective teachers came to meet the few school administrators who were in attendance. I must have shaken more hands on that day than I ever had. […]

How Discovery’s Gold Rush Teaches us a Lesson on Reaching our Reluctant Learners

One of my favorite shows is Discovery’s Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a show that follows the adventures of different camps of gold miners. I have been following the show since its first season, and I find it fascinating how these miners dig for gold in the Klondike of Alaska. I wish they would watch […]

The Boring-Lesson-Buster Formula – Making that Emotional Connection and Keeping Your Studen...

Let’s face it. We love what we teach a lot more than our students do. I taught American History, and what I found was that as much as I was excited about what happened during the American Revolution, my 8th graders really didn’t care that much. They were more interested in what was on TV […]