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Take the Amazing Teacher Pledge

I am encouraging any teacher who wants to take a stand against teacher mediocrity to take the Amazing Teacher Pledge!

If you can make and keep the following 10 promises, I believe you will be that amazing teacher that your students need and deserve.

1. I promise to create amazing lesson plans.

2. I promise to keep learning.

3. I promise to communicate with parents. 

4. I promise to be my students’ source of praise.

5. I promise to not “lose it” in the classroom.

6. I promise to avoid negative teachers.

7. I promise to be in a good mood every day.

8. I promise to give students a fresh start every day.

9. I promise to not allow any student to fail my class.

10. I promise to adopt every student in my class.


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Here are some teachers who have taken the pledge:

Bonnie – Milwaukee, WI
2nd grade

Jesse – York Haven, PA
2nd grade
Comments: “I really appreciate #10!!”

Dawn – Hustisford, WI

4K-12 General and Vocal Music
Comments: “I strive every day to be the best teacher I can be!! I want to be an amazing teacher!!”

Kelli – Chapel Hill, NC
K-5 grade

S. Kelly  – Sarasota, Florida

Lisa – Newark, Delaware
5th grade
Comments: “Love this pledge! Sometimes you need a reminder!”

Kim – Rocky Mount, NC
7-12 grade
Comments: “Thank you for your inspiration. I want to be an amazing teacher.”

Michele  – Nevada
3rd/4th grade
Comments: “In my last year of teaching I want to be an amazing teacher.”

Sharon – Alpharetta, Georgia
7, 8th grade
Comments: “I want to be an amazing Teacher!”

Joan – Panama City, FL
3rd grade

Lisa– New Albany, IN
8th grade

Krystal – Dallas, TX
9-11th grades
Comments: “I’ll do my best to live up to this pledge.”

Christy Gallegos – Texas
Comments: “Awesome!”

Van Anh Tran – San Jose, CA
9-12th grades

Take the Pledge!



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