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10 Ways To Get Student Respect – – Today’s Power Post

One of the most important words in any classroom is RESPECT. A lot of teachers demand it from their students, but often times don’t get it. That’s when they begin to get frustrated and lose their patience with the students. One of the best lessons for new teachers to learn is how to get respect from their students. It starts with the teacher.

A great post that explains how to gain respect from your students can be found at Edna Sackson gives teachers 10 practical strategies that you can use to earn this great prize called respect. Believe me, all the education in the world won’t help you reach your students if they don’t respect you.

Check it out here:

Thanks Edna!

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  1. November 22, 2010    

    I have a slightly different take on the idea of respect in the classroom. I have articulated it here in a popular post I wrote a while ago.

    Respect is a two way street. Kids don’t automatically give respect , they make teachers earn it. Some how that doesn’t seem right, but that’s the way it is.

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