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The Benefits of Giving “Props” to Your Colleagues

With school starting up soon, or in my case – this week, many new teachers, and even some veteran teachers will be feeling a little nervous and maybe a little stressed out.


I know I was stressed out this week.

I was at school late preparing for the first day of school, and when I got out to my car, I found that someone had broken two of the windows. I parked in the only open parking spot which was far from the school, away from the light and the surveillance cameras, but I never expected to be leaving for home at 9:00 at night.

Luckily, there was nothing of value in the car, but it was a rough beginning to my school year.

Still, that first day, I determined to not let the stress of my own personal life affect the lives of the students that I was to come in contact with.

It wasn’t easy.

In my previous post, I listed 10 Promises that Amazing Teachers Make in the Classroom. One of the promises was to be in a good mood every day.

Many readers found that particular promise a difficult one to keep.

On my first day of school, it was tough for me to keep as well, but I believe I was able to maintain a positive attitude and my smile. It was difficult, however.

In the middle of the day, just when I was getting tired and beginning to focus again on the stresses of the day, I had a visit from an amazing teacher.

I’ve mentioned her before. She’s the one who had a “hug line” in her class.

She came in with her positive energy and her bright smile and completely pulled me out of my puddle of pity.

She told me how she thought I was doing a great job and how happy she was to be working with me.

She had other information to tell me about school and curriculum, but all I can remember is how her compliments made me feel.

What’s so amazing is that she recently had a loss in her family that should have given her every reason to be down.

Instead, she makes every effort not only to keep that part of her life away from her students’ lives, but to use her words to bring people up. I see her always saying great things about her students, but on that first day, her words made me feel special.

Because of that visit by that amazing teacher, I was able to get back to focusing on the students, and doing what’s best for them.

This is a lesson for all of us.

Amazing teachers tell other teachers that they’re amazing.

Amazing teachers compliment their colleagues.

Amazing teachers take time to remind their fellow teachers how important they are.

Amazing teachers look for ways to give positive feedback.

Amazing teachers give “props” to fellow teachers.

I like this last one, because back in my day, giving “props” meant that you were praising someone for something they did. You were giving them proper recognition for their actions. In my case, when that teacher gave me “props,” it served to not only compliment my work, but also to help “prop” me up when I was beginning to feel down.Teacher Appreciation

I’ve learned this lesson. I’m making it a point to give “props” to every teacher, administrator, security guard, counselor, custodian, receptionist, or clerk that I come in contact with.

You never know if they need some “propping” up at that particular moment.

When was the last time you complimented a colleague?

I would encourage you to take time to give a fellow teacher a compliment. Remind them how much they mean to the school and the students.

Giving “props” to your fellow teachers not only feels good, but it will have an effect on them that will, in turn, benefit the students.

Before I end, I wanted to give some “props” to my friend Jackie. You are truly an amazing teacher, and your students, our school, and this blogger are blessed to have you in our lives.

Until next time,

Here’s to your Success In The Classroom!



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