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Larry Ferlazzo Shares His Amazing Teacher Qualities

Hello again,

In the latest episode of the Amazing Teacher Podcast, I spoke with Larry Ferlazzo from Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day.

Larry shared some great tips and strategies for building relationships and classroom management that I know the listeners will find very valuable.

As part of the conversation, I asked him about the qualities that he finds are common in the amazing teachers that he has encountered in his career. I wanted to share them here in this post.

Larry Ferlazzo’s Qualities of Amazing Teachers

1. Amazing teachers build positive relationships with their students.

Larry shares that he is always asking the question, “Is what I”m doing going to enhance the relationship with the student or push the student away?” Building these relationships is key to success with students. “If you don’t have it, nothing else works.”

2. Amazing teacher are flexible.

Teachers need to be open to modifying an assignment in order to motivate a student. Larry shares his example of changing a persuasive writing assignment so a student will be more motivated to complete the task. It was a decision that brought tears to the eyes of the student’s mother when she saw the completed assignment.

3.   Amazing teachers are able to say, “I”m sorry.”

When a teacher can say those two  powerful words to a student, not only is the relationship made stronger, but according to Larry, it models appropriate behavior for the student to use for their conflicts. “Kids are kids. They’re not little adults.”

4. Amazing teachers take time for themselves.

It’s important for teachers to have a life outside of their classrooms. Larry stresses the point that spending 70 hours a week in the classroom “does not create to a healthy psyche.”  Having a life outside of the classroom will keep you in the classroom.

I had a great time picking the brain of Larry Ferlazzo. He shared some very important and valuable advice that all teachers can take into their classrooms and be amazing.

If you haven’t already listened to the podcast, you can find it on the podcast site: or you can listen to the embedded audio below.

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