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The Awesome Power of Co-Authoring the Stories of Your Students

For most educators, we all begin our day with our story pretty much written. Basically, it goes something like this:   Today, I’m going to work, then I’ll teach a great lesson. The kids will listen and learn. I’ll finish my day pleased that it was a good day, then I’ll go home.   I know there are a […]

How Discovery’s Gold Rush Teaches us a Lesson on Reaching our Reluctant Learners

One of my favorite shows is Discovery’s Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a show that follows the adventures of different camps of gold miners. I have been following the show since its first season, and I find it fascinating how these miners dig for gold in the Klondike of Alaska. I wish they would watch […]

How Teachers can Learn from the Lady in the Iphone

I was given the opportunity to attend an AVID conference last week in Palm Desert, CA. It was being held in a nice hotel, about 2 hours away from where I lived. I had never been there, so I was going to need directions. In the past, I would pull out a map or look […]

How to Nail the Interview for a Teaching Position – Nail #5: Be a Team Player

How to Nail the Interview for a Teaching Position – Nail #5: Be a Team Player

Here is the fifth Nail in the Nailing the Teacher Interview series. Be a Team Player. This is a big one. There might not be the specific question: “Are you a team player?” But, it’s one of the most important qualities that those on the interview panel are looking for. I read somewhere, “You can […]