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Teachers, Which Balloon Are You? – Guest Post by Michelle Gano

I am excited to share this guest post by Michelle Gano. In this post, Michelle offers some great advice to help teachers to overcome those feelings of stress and burnout and find more joy in teaching. Check it out! THE COUNTDOWN Teachers are feeling the effects of burnout and counting down the days each week, […]

Three Go Home Happy Strategies for When You’ve Had a Bad Day

Bad days happen. I wish I could promise you that you won’t have a bad day, but I can’t. There will be those days when the final bell rings, and you’re relieved to see the students leave your class. There will be days when Johnny will be Johnny and cause you to lose your temper […]

Emotional Intelligence for the Teacher – Guest Post by Maura O’Reilly

In my Adult Education course I was recently asked to share a resource related to Emotional Intelligence (EI). I found several articles and this video geared towards using the attributes of EI in the workplace. It struck me that this may be helpful to teachers edging towards burnout.   First of all because sometimes the […]

5 Really Tough Steps to Bring Happiness Back after THAT class

The bell finally rings, and not a second too soon. You say the words, “OK class, have a great day. See you tomorrow,” but you really don’t want to see them tomorrow, especially after today. Right? You had THAT class today, and you’re ready to say some words that are not really appropriate for school. […]