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CFIS Philanthropic Society – The Journey – Part 2

It all started with Oprah Winfrey.

A few years ago, Oprah has this show called, The Big Give. It was a contest that followed people as they organized events to help people in need.

Every year, I show these episodes to my students, and as a culminating activity, I get the students in groups and they create a hypothetical Big-Give-like event.

One of my students decided to make it for real. She had a friend of the family who had a child who had been diagnosed with leukemia, and came up with the idea of a 5K Walk.

I thought it was a good idea, but I hadn’t organized anything like this. It really wasn’t something that I thought we could pull off.

The student and her mother, however, had different ideas.

Since then, we’ve begun the process of making the 5K Walk a reality.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1.       We contacted the city to see what it would take to have the event at a local park.

It turned out that in order to reserve the park, it would require a lot of expense and paper work. We needed to purchase insurance, fees for this and that, etc. It was too much. That’s when I thought of having it at the school.

2.       I contacted my principal, and she said we could do it at the school.

This saved us so much hassle and money. Since it was now considered a school function, it fell under the insurance of the school.  We also scheduled it for a day when the custodians would normally be there anyway, so we didn’t have to pay for that either.

3.       We created the flyer that announced the event.

Since it’s a school function, I could make the copies there, again saving us some money.

4.       I submitted the required forms to the district.

I learned that I needed a facilities use request form and a form to be able to distribute our flyer. I got both of those approved from downtown.

5.       I created a web page for the event.

You can see it here.

That’s what we have so far. Now we are going to start working on the promotion aspect. I’ve already started making a list of what we are going to need. I’ll include that list in the next post.

If you notice anything that may cause a problem or if you have some suggestions to make this event even more successful, please let me know.

Again, if you would like to donate to the cause, that also would be greatly appreciated.

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Wish me luck.


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