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CFIS Philanthropic Society – The Journey – Part 3 – The To-Do List

So what do you need now, Sam?

Here is what I am going to need in order to pull of this event:

1. Banners – I figure I can get my students to create these using butcher paper and paint.

2. Balloons – I’m going to see if there is a balloon company that will donate their services in exchange for some publicity. If not, we’ll have to buy some balloons and blow them up ourselves. I think our school Leadership team has a helium tank that we can use.

3. T-Shirts for staff – I have a company that we use to make our club t-shirts. I’ll see if they can donate about 40 shirts for us. They will be able to put their company name on the back.

4. Security for the money that will be collected on that day – I’ll just find a large, scary-looking parent or teacher who will volunteer to stand by the collection table. Any volunteers? Just kidding.

5. A Stage – I’ll have to ask the custodians to bring our school stage out for the event. Not too big a deal.

6. Sound System – We have this. Again, the custodians will help set this up. Note: One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to be nice to your custodial staff. You never know when you’re going to need them. Here is a good example of how I’m going to call in a few favors from them.

7. a DJ – I figure I can call a DJ to come and play some music for us for free. Normally DJ’s are busy in the evening for parties and such. A mid afternoon gig will be something that he/she will be available to do for free. It will be good publicity.

8. Water for the participants – Working on getting this donated.

9. Help with parking – This may be an issue since my school doesn’t have a parking lot. We may have to use the basketball courts for parking. If that is the case, we will need some help directing traffic. We may be able to use some students for this. They’re going to need those reflective vests.

10. Cones to outline the course – We don’t have a track, so we’ll need to mark off the course. We can borrow cones from PE.

11. Staff for set up and tear down/clean up – There are a couple of service clubs on campus that offer service hours to those who help out.

12. Copies of flyer – This is too expensive to do at a copy place. I’ll use the school’s copy machine. That’s free.

I’m sure I’m missing stuff.

Can anybody think of anything else I will need?



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