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Look What I Found in the Archives of Other Teachers!

I was looking through the archives of some of my favorite blogging teachers, and I found some awesome post that I felt would be beneficial to new teachers. Check them out!

How Do I Keep My Students Quiet?

“I am convinced that classroom management is the key to success in teaching. It is something about which I have become passionate. Why? Because poorly managed classrooms waste the time and the lives of everyone involved. As a teacher, I hate it when I allow my students to be out of control. As a student, I don’t learn as much as I should. Either way, it is a no-win situation.” Joel from (@sywtt)

What Makes a Teacher a Good Teacher?

“You have to be enthusiastic about your subject, and you have to be comfortable with yourself if you’re willing to make great elephant noises to help bring a poem to life for your students.” Elona from

Ten Top Tips: Tackling Disruptive Behaviour

“Low level disruptive behaviour is a challenge in many schools and many classrooms so education staff find that there is a plethora of views, guidelines and advice.

This post aims to share some of the top tips from our best selling course ‘Tackling Low Level Disruptive Behaviour’ which you can implement right away to minimise disruption and enhance learning in your classroom.” Pooky from (@CreativeEdu)

Go in There and Earn an Oscar – 10 Myths for New Teachers

“As a new crop of teachers are slowly being introduced via email by my principal, I thought about what I was told in college about what to do as a new teacher.  And then I thought about how horrible some of that advice was.  So here is my top ten of new teacher myths – feel free to add more, I know they are out there!” Pernille from Blogging Through the 4th Dimension (@4thGrdTeach)

Thanks to Joel from (@sywtt), Elona from, Pooky from (@CreativeEdu), and Pernille from Blogging Through the 4th Dimension (@4thGrdTeach)

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  1. January 6, 2011    

    “you have to be comfortable with yourself if you’re willing to make great elephant noises to help bring a poem to life for your students.”

    I’d forgotten I said that. It’s still true.

    • Sam's Gravatar Sam
      January 7, 2011    

      This was a great post Elona. Great teachers are the ones that make fools of themselves sometimes. Thanks.

  2. January 8, 2011    

    It is truly wonderful to see a site for those who want to succeed in teaching in a climate of so much, “You want to teach??????”. Great job of puttting it all together.

    • Sam's Gravatar Sam
      January 8, 2011    

      Thank you for the comment. I still believe that teaching is the best profession in the world, even if it doesn’t seem to be the most popular opinion. Thanks again. Sam

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