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Name That Slide

Hello again,

Today we played a game called, “Name That Slide.” I have the students come up and give clues to another student until that student guesses what is on the slide behind him/her. I have a full description on the website. Here’s the address: The first time I played this game with the students, it was great. After a couple of times, however, the novelty wore off, and I had a tougher time trying to keep the rest of the class quiet. So, what I do now is that I will give the class an assignment to work on while the game goes on. Today I had the students create a Treasure Hunt. Basically, they had to use specific pages from the text and create a test (notice I gave a normally boring assignment a cool name. This helps make it not so boring.) While they were doing this, I called up the students to play the game. Once their turn with the game was up, they went back to working on the assignment. Today I had Taylor Lautner and Megan Fox on the slide show. I had to Photoshop some appropriate clothes for them, however. See.

Today’s Tip for New Teachers: Keep up with who and what is popular on TV, music, or movies, and include them in your activies somehow. I never would have guessed that Taylor Lautner was so popular, but the kids really pay attention when his name is mentioned. Right now I have to find pictures of some singer named Justin Bieber. He’s supposed to be the next big thing.



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