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Tracking Off

Hey all,

Today was Off Track Day. At my school, the teachers rotate into a new room every three months. I look forward to Off Track Day because now I go on vacation for one month. We’re a year-round school (Did I not mention that before?) We work three months and take one month off. Today I gave a test. The kids are already hyped up because they’re going on vacation too, so I like to plan a test on the last day to keep their “hyperness” in check.

This last week I spent taking down posters, clearing off shelves, and emptying my desk. I have to leave the room empty for the incoming teachers.

I hate rotating. I mentioned that already in a previous post, but I felt like saying it again.

The good thing is, that is the only thing I really hate about teaching. Everything else is good.

Here’s my advice for this post – I actually got this from a teacher friend of mine while we were eating lunch today: If you’re a new teacher, don’t make the mistake of telling your kids about any of your faults – for example, my friend’s son’s teacher told the class that she has ADD. Kids will go home and tell their parents that, and right off the bat, your respect level drops. Give your students the impression that you are perfect – you know everything – and that they are lucky to have been enrolled in the class of such an amazing teacher. If this is your first year of teaching, don’t let your kids know that. They will naturally lose a bit of respect for you. You don’t have to lie. When they ask, just tell them that this is your first year at THAT particular school, then change the subject. Respect is everything in a class. Don’t give your students the opportunity to lose any respect for you. It will make things easier for you. I’ve got a lot to say about respect, but that will have to wait for later.

That’s all for today. Thanks.

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