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My name is Sam Rangel, and I’ve been a middle school teacher for about 21 years now. Sometimes it seems so much longer, but most of the time, it’s a new daily adventure.

Teaching is a great profession, and I consider myself blessed to have spent so many years in the classroom. There are always those days when you wish you had a job that paid more, offered more benefits, maybe some kind of bonus that other professions offer, but when I think of the times that former students have come back and thanked me for the difference I made in their lives, it all seems worth it.

I’ve been a teacher at Corona Fundamental Intermediate School for the last 13 years. I teach American History to 8th graders. Every time I mention what I do to people, I always get a, “Wow!” Like I deserve a medal or something. I actually love my job. The kids sometimes can be a little tough to deal with, because they’re going through that time in their lives when everything is changing. They’re discovering their identity, and that causes them to act a little unpredictable, but I still love my job. To be able to help these kids in their journey through adolescence, having a little influence on their life decisions, giving them a little encouragement as they figure out just who they are make my job so rewarding. You can’t put a price tag on that. I heard someone say, teachers don’t make a lot of money, but they do make a difference.

My goal with this site is to hopefully share some practical tips and strategies that I’ve learned over the years with those visiting my site. I also want to use this site to share what’s happening in my classes – the challenges and the victories.

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