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The Amazing Teacher Podcast Episode #1

Hello again,

I am so excited to share the very first episode of my new podcast – The Amazing Teacher Podcast!

I sat down with Pernille Ripp from Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension, and picked her brain for tips and strategies that new teachers and soon-to-be teachers can take into their classrooms and be amazing.

I hope to have a new episode each week, where I can share the experience and expertise of amazing teachers with you.

It should be on iTunes soon, so make sure you subscribe, so you can get notified when a new episode is published.

I’m looking forward to a great year of amazing interviews!

It begins today!

The podcast’s main site will always be found at, but I’ll be sharing the audio file here on SITC as well.

Take a listen!


Until next time,

Here’s to your Success in the Classroom!





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