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Posts in the Spotlight – December 15

Tips for new teachers

Here are a some posts that I came across that I think should be spotlighted. Check them out.

Levels of Classroom Management – IdeaConnect –  Great advice for new teachers. Which level are you at?

Breaking Habits: Rethinking Current Educational Practices – Molehills Out of MountainsThese habits have been decades in the making. Can we actually do this? I say let’s give it a shot!

More Collaborative Drawing in the Classroom – Sabrina’s Weblog I thought this was just a cool way to make reading a book in class more interactive.

If We Teach to the Test – Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension Teaching to the test – hate it. Don’t do it, at least not purposely. It’s always at the back of my mind when I’m making lesson plans, however. I like the message behind this post. By the way Pernille, I think you’re a winner.

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