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A Soft Heart for Challenging Students – Jeff Delp – Today’s Power Post

Tips for new teachers

Here’s a great post I just came across that new teachers need to read. You will have those students who will try and push your buttons, and you will want to just give up on that student. I can think of one right now who I have in my class. Jeff Delp reminds us to not give up on that student. Just  hang in there a little longer. You may be the only one who hasn’t given up yet. You may be his/her last chance.

Check it out here:

Thanks Jeff


  1. December 6, 2010    

    Sometimes when I get caught in the “sturm and drang” of my day as a teacher, I need to remind myself to soften my heart. These are kids I’m working with who are trying to make their way through life the best way they can. Often, these troubled, troublesome and troubling students have to deal with issues the adults in their lives can’t deal with satisfactorily. It’s unfortunate that some young people do not have the best role models to teach them life skills.

    • Sam's Gravatar Sam
      December 6, 2010    

      Thanks for the comment Elona. Teachers wear a lot of hats, and often I forget that one of my hats is that of role-model. They don’t teach you that in college.

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