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Teach Happier – My Latest Book is Out!


Hello amazing teachers,

I am so excited to announce that my latest book, Teach Happier – 21 stress-reducing, joy-inspiring, burnout-avoiding strategies to help teachers love their jobs and have more success in the classroom, is finally published!

I’ve been reading book after book on success, happiness, psychology, and neuroscience, and I’ve discovered something amazing!

Teachers can be happier!

I know that sounds strange, but let me explain.

Teachers are amazing. I’ve always said that. I know. I used to be one. Now, as an Assistant Principal, I’m seeing education from a different perspective, and I’m realizing that teachers are even more amazing that I thought. They play such an important role in the success of our society that without them, our future is doomed.

I know that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s true. Our future leaders are sitting right now in classrooms around the country, and the people responsible for providing them with the necessary skills, abilities and character traits are our teachers. web-cover

The problem is that many of our teachers today are not happy. They are overworked, underpaid, stressed out, thinking about other careers, and it’s not right.

That’s where my new book comes in. The more I’ve read about how our brain works, the more I’ve come to understand that  there are specific strategies that we can implement to not only be less stressed, but to actually bring more happiness into our lives.

My book offers some practical strategies that I’ve learned from experts in psychology and neuroscience to help teacher teach happier.

A happier teacher will be a more effective teacher, and when teacher teach happier, amazing things will happen, and our students and our future will be the beneficiaries.

I hope you will click on the book image to learn more about how you can Teach Happier!

Until next time, here’s to your success in the classroom!

Thank you,




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