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The Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula – Part 7

This is the seventh installment in the Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula series.

Again, our objective is to create a goal for success in the classroom.  We’re not creating just any goal, however. We’re creating amazing goals. That’s what we do. Amazing teachers create amazing goals, and you are an amazing teacher.

In part one, we identified what success will look like. 

In part two, we made our goal amazing. 

I part three, we made our goal positive. 

In part four, we made our goal time specific. 

In part five, we made our goals as if they were already accomplished.

In part six, we added emotion to our goal.

Part seven is the part where you consider everyone who is going to help you reach your amazing goal.

The next element in the formula is make your goals grateful.

I can’t explain it, but I’ve found that adding the word, “grateful” to my goals makes them easier to accomplish. There is something about giving credit to others that turns that goal into reality in surprising ways. In the case of our sample goal, to accomplish it will take the help of a lot of people – parents, other teachers, the administration, the students themselves, etc.

To reach your amazing goal, you will have to contact parents more often to get their help at home. They will be essential. Also important will be the help you get from other teachers. You will undoubtedly be looking for new ways of reaching that student who just doesn’t get it. Your best resource will be that veteran teacher across the hall who seems to have everything dialed in. You’ll be reading blog posts, and learning new strategies on classroom management and lesson design. You’ll be going to conferences and listening to experts in connecting with that unmotivated student. Your administration will also be a resource where you will be able to get help from. You might need to purchase some new software or classroom learning tool. Your administrator’s support will be essential. It’s important to recognize that you can never reach your success alone.

Why not offer a word of thanks in advance?

Demonstrating gratitude when creating our goal seems to give it power. I don’t know who said it, but I live by the saying, “When we are grateful for anything, we attract more to be grateful for.”

So, let’s add the seventh element of the formula to our goal:IMG_6671


I am excited, happy and grateful that at the end of the 2016-2017 school year, every student is passing my class with a B or better.

Now that is an amazing goal. That is a goal that you can really believe and take action on.

This actually is my favorite part of the formula. Gratitude is so important in being successful in the classroom and in life. Being able to stop and appreciate those who have contributed to your success is essential to achieving a life of success. If you want to reach your amazing goal, it’s important to acknowledge that you will not get there without the help and support of others. That is why this part of the Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula can’t be skipped.

Only one more part to go.

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Until next time, here’s to your Success in the Classroom!



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