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The Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula


It’s important to set some goals for your classroom. You want to end the year with a feeling of accomplishment. You want to look back at the year, and tell yourself that you were successful.

Setting goals is the first step to having success in the classroom.

So, how can you create a goal that will take you to that success?

You have to set amazing goals.

There are many books on setting goals, and after reading a lot of them, I have compiled different goal-setting strategies into one that I call:

The Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula 

I believe that if you follow this formula, you will create goals that will allow you to have success not only in your classroom, but in life.

That’s a big promise, I know, but I’ve seen it work in my life not only as an educator, but as a father, husband, co-worker, etc.

You at least have to give it a try.

In the posts below,  I’ve explained the Amazing Teacher Goal Creation Formula. There are eight steps, and each is important to creating an amazing goal that will give you more success.

1. Identify what success will look like.
2. Make your goal amazing.
3. Make your goal positive.
4. Make your goal time-specific.
5. Make your goal as if it has already happened.
6, Add emotion to your goal.
7. Add gratitude to your goal.
8. Make your goal visible.

I also shared this formula on the Amazing Teacher Podcast. You can hear the episode here.

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